Can we block/detect DNS beacon channels?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Wed May 2 18:50:38 UTC 2018

On 05/02/2018 12:23 PM, Blason R wrote:
> I would really appreciate if someone can shed light; if DNS based 
> advanced attacks can be stopped using DNS RPZ? Like DNS beacon channels 
> or Data Exfiltration through DNS queries.

If you know fixed aspects of the queries / responses, you can very 
likely filter them with Response Policy Zone.

However I think you will need Response Policy Service to be able to do 
more instrumentation / trending / tracking and filtering of unknown 
ahead of time aspects.

I think of RPS for DNS much like I think of milters for Sendmail.

It's my understanding that RPS support is in BIND.  However I'm not 
aware of any free RPS filters.  I think there is at least one commercial 

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