Can we block/detect DNS beacon channels?

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Wed May 2 18:59:53 UTC 2018

Well, challenge is not implementing RPZ that part is done but now wondering
as a advanced part if such attacks can be detected as well blocked by using
RPZ? I guess one option I see if to deploy HIDS on BIND server like
suricata which will detect such attacks. But that will consume lot of
resources hence wondering if natively can we configure anything like that?

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> On 05/02/2018 12:23 PM, Blason R wrote:
>> I would really appreciate if someone can shed light; if DNS based
>> advanced attacks can be stopped using DNS RPZ? Like DNS beacon channels or
>> Data Exfiltration through DNS queries.
> If you know fixed aspects of the queries / responses, you can very likely
> filter them with Response Policy Zone.
> However I think you will need Response Policy Service to be able to do
> more instrumentation / trending / tracking and filtering of unknown ahead
> of time aspects.
> I think of RPS for DNS much like I think of milters for Sendmail.
> It's my understanding that RPS support is in BIND.  However I'm not aware
> of any free RPS filters.  I think there is at least one commercial
> implementation.
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