[BIND] RE: KSK Rollover

Brent Swingle brent at havilandtelco.com
Fri Sep 7 02:05:23 UTC 2018

This matter has been resolved with input from Evan.  I was able to add a file path for secroots to the named.conf file and push the output file to a temp directory that was not permission restricted.

secroots-file "/tmp/named.secroots" ;

Ultimately when I ran "rndc secroots" it created the output file here:


The data in the file seems to be as desired if I understand the KSK Rollover test correctly, I should see 20326 which pertains to the new key:

[root at ns3 tmp]# cat named.secroots
06-Sep-2018 18:47:16.190

Start view internal-in

./RSASHA256/20326 ; managed
./RSASHA256/19036 ; managed
dlv.isc.org/RSASHA1/19297 ; managed

Start view external-in

./RSASHA256/20326 ; managed
./RSASHA256/19036 ; managed
dlv.isc.org/RSASHA1/19297 ; managed

Start view external-chaos

dumpsecroots failed: not found

I did not fully try Carl's input below but I believe it would have worked as well.  I had performed a "chmod 770 /var/named" but I did not follow it up with the SELinux modification.  The last error I had was SELinux barking so I'd anticipate his suggestion was the correct one.

Does the 'named' user have write access to /var/named? The default
redhat setup has /var/named as 0750, with /var/named/data as 0770. Also,
the default redhat selinux config prevents named writing to /var/named.

chmod 770 /var/named
setsebool -P named_write_master_zones=true
rndc secroots

Thanks everyone for assisting with this matter.
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