BIND and UDP tuning

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Fri Sep 28 00:46:26 UTC 2018

Hi Alex, 

Have you tried on a separate physical server? To rule out the actual
hardware as being the problem? 

Is this some  user grade PC with either onboard or external ethernet
interface, or a proper server grade equipment? Age of equipment? What
else does that machine do? 


On 28/09/2018 02:07, Alex wrote:

> Hi,
>> Just a wild thought:
>> It works with a lower speed line (at least I read it that way) but has problems with higher speeds.
>> Could it be that the line is so fast that it "overtakes" the host in question?
>> A faster incoming line will give less time between the packets for processing.
> No, I actually upgraded from a 65/20mbit to a 165/35mbit recently,
> thinking it was too slow because it was happening at the slower speeds
> as well. I've also implemented some basic QoS to throttle outgoing
> smtp and prioritize DNS but it made no difference.
> Thanks,
> Alex
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