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Petr Mensik pemensik at redhat.com
Mon Apr 1 09:18:17 UTC 2019

Hi Klaus,

I would recommend taking a look at bind-dyndb-ldap documentation [1], as
I think it still is the only one plugin in active use. Unfortunately not
under active development, but should be able to answer many of your
questions. Some questions could be asked in FreeIPA mailing list, but it
depends on what you intend to do. No new features are planned for it,
but it is still maintained.

1.  https://pagure.io/docs/bind-dyndb-ldap/

On 3/12/19 6:16 PM, Klaus Malorny wrote:
> Hi all,
> first of all, if this is not the right list for such questions, please
> redirect me.
> I am exploring the DynDB API of BIND whether it could help us to solve
> our needs. As I have played around with DLZ quite a few years ago, I was
> pleased to see a new interface seemingly resolving the problems of the
> first (mostly the lack of DNSSEC support). However, one thing I am
> missing, and looking at the demo driver, I did not get a real answer on
> that. That's why I am asking here.
> The DLZ driver had to provide a function to find a zone. This allowed it
> to generate responses for any zone that happened to be in the driver's
> repository (database or else). There was no need keep a list of known
> zones and easily scales up to thousands of zones. I did not find a
> corresponding function in the DynDB API. The whole dbmethods interface
> seems to handle only a single, specific zone with dns_db_t as an
> abstract handle to it. I expected somewhere a customizable function that
> gets a query name and returns the respective (driver specific) zone
> instance (or an indication if it is not available). Instead, it looks
> like that one has to enumerate all zones that shall be handled by the
> driver and register them at a provided "view" instance beforehand. Is
> this perception correct or do I misunderstand something completely?
> Thanks in advance for any hints.

I have no deep knowledge of bind-dyndb-ldap, but I think you understand
it correctly. DynDB API is more or less replacement for built-in
database parsing and zone file reading, but has to register each handled
zone in similar manner to static configured zones. I am sure they can be
fetched by plugin somehow, because that is what bind-dyndb-ldap plugin
does. But I doubt there is one single function that you can pass a list
of zones to handle. Or that you can make some sort of wildcard for any
zone in pure dynamic way. I admit I never tried similar thing ever.

Because there is not ongoing development of any other plugin I know
about, I think it may miss user-friendly API to work with it. That could
be definitely improved, if there is demand and specific use-cases to solve.
> Regards,
> Klaus


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