DynDB - handling arbitrary zones

Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Mon Apr 1 10:47:47 UTC 2019

Klaus Malorny <Klaus.Malorny at knipp.de> wrote:
> The main problem is that I don't know which zones I will have to serve
> beforehand, and they may be many and may change over time, i.e. simply the
> typical pattern of an ISP. I want to avoid to dynamically create the
> configuration file and trigger the reloading process.

Have you looked at `rndc addzone` (on the primary server) and catalog
zones (for secondaries)? Have you looked at PowerDNS?

> One idea I will examine further is whether it would be possible to
> register the root domain (".") and so to become responsible for any
> possible name.

That will cause problems because negative answers will be incorrect: the
SOA in the authority section will not be what resolvers expect, so they
will treat your server as broken.

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