DynDB - handling arbitrary zones

Petr Mensik pemensik at redhat.com
Mon Apr 1 10:28:02 UTC 2019

Sounds like something RPZ might able to do on the first glance.
Note there is also rndc addzone method, which may allow runtime
reconfiguration of some sort without generation of config files. May or
may be not what you need. Might be handy for simple empty zones.

Expect some assumptions, dyndb is new enough and not used in similar cases.

On 4/1/19 12:17 PM, Klaus Malorny wrote:
> On 01.04.19 11:18, Petr Mensik wrote:
>> Hi Klaus,
>> [...]
> Thanks for the response. I have seen the LDAP implementation, but
> haven't looked deeper into it. Maybe I will.
> The main problem is that I don't know which zones I will have to serve
> beforehand, and they may be many and may change over time, i.e. simply
> the typical pattern of an ISP. I want to avoid to dynamically create the
> configuration file and trigger the reloading process. One idea I will
> examine further is whether it would be possible to register the root
> domain (".") and so to become responsible for any possible name.
> However, there might be some assumptions on the side of BIND that might
> spoil the idea.
> Regards,
> Klaus

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