Peculiar DNS queries

Lars Kollstedt lk at
Sun Dec 22 22:36:46 UTC 2019

On Sunday, December 22th 2019, 18:28:48 CET schrieb Paul Kosinski via bind-
> Every so often, we get a run of peculiar queries to our (BIND / named)
> DNS server. Note the apparently random mix of lower case and upper case
> letters in the domain names.
> Does anybody have any idea why somebody would be doing this? (It's
> legal, I guess, but quite non-standard.)
> Dec 22 12:05:43 iment0 named[10333]: client
> (Www.IMent.coM): query: Www.IMent.coM IN AAAA -E (

On Sunday, December 22th 2019, 18:41:27 CET schrieb Gaurav Kansal via bind-
> This is a “spoofing resistance” technique.
> For more info, check “0x20 Bit Encoding”.

Hello Paul,

for more information about this see


I at first wondered about this, too. ;-)

But it's a technology to add addition entropy to the DNS communication (to 
prevent cache poisoning based on spoofed answers), especially for the case the 
authoritative Server doesn't support DNS Cookies.

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