Peculiar DNS queries

Fred Morris m3047 at
Mon Dec 23 00:08:54 UTC 2019

Regarding entropy, that is correct. Regarding case, in any case (pardon 
the pun) case is not guaranteed. Especially regarding dynamic updates, 
your case will not be preserved (and maybe I fat-fingered and left caps 
lock on once upon a time without realizing it) in the authoritative zone. 
The mixed (within a label) case queries seem to be an artifact of entropy 
preservation, but in cache e.g. matches ISC.ORG or isc.ORG, or hopefully you get the idea.

I ran into a transient problem last summer with case sensitivity in SuSE 
Leap, hasn't come back but my best guess is something to do with NSCD.

There is a tension between the protocol ("any octet") vs what you can 
register ("valid hostnames") vs what's sent to the public DNS ("case 


Fred Morris

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