Bind9 forward/reverse zones with multiple TSIG keys

ObNox obnox3 at
Tue Feb 5 08:40:15 UTC 2019

On 29/01/2019 09:19, ObNox wrote:

> Following a previous thread (ie: "Selective forwarding?"), I've started 
> to work on a multi-server configuration within 3 sites consisting of a 
> primary at Site1 and secondaries at Site2/3. All sites will have DHCP 
> servers with DDNS enabled. The secondaries will forward the DDNS updates 
> to the primary. That is the ultimate goal.

Final follow up on this matter : I finally found time to work seriously 
on this project and everything works perfectly fine on the sandbox test 

I now have a master/primary simulating Site1 and a slave/secondary 
simulating Site2. Transfers use TSIG keys and both have local DHCP 
servers, each with a different TSIG key. Site1 DHCP updates the 
master/primary and Site2 DHCP updates the slave/secondary which in turn 
forwards the update to the master/primary.

Everything works perfectly and I've also simulated network breakage to 
see what happens then and also when network connectivity comes back. 
master/primary and slave/secondary constantly try to reach each other 
according to the logs and when they succeed, transfers are correctly 
made in order to get accurate data on both sides.

Everything works perfectly, I'm quite happy! Thanks everyone for all the 
advices, tips and ideas.


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