Classless Reverse Zones PTR Dig Format Issue

Nagesh Thati tcpnagesh at
Thu Feb 7 07:23:14 UTC 2019

I have created a network with * <>* and
created 4 subnets with */13* mask in that network,
Network: * <> :*,
Subnet1: * <> :*,
Subnet2: * <> :*,
Subnet3: * <> :*,
Subnet4: * <> :*.
I fallowed the *RFC 2317 to create CNAME and NS records* in parent zone
which is
When I dig for a PTR for object ** in below dig format,
#*dig @localhost -x - GOT RESULT*
I am getting the answer, But, when I dig for object ** in
below format not getting the answer,
#*dig @localhost -x - NO RESULT*
But if I dig in specific format,
#*dig @localhost PTR - GOT RESULT*

My Question is,
Can it be possible to *dig* object with *-x* using a *dig
command*, if yes, what changes needs to be done in the parent and child
reverse zones?

Thanks in advance,
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