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>> > I registered in spamhaus but don't know how to be able to axfr the
>> > content of the zone
>> ... The DROP lists are freely available in plain text so if you are
>> handy with bit of programming it isn't too hard to turn them into
>> your own RPZ. ...
> FWIW: a few years back, as an experiment I used the DROP lists exactly
> that way for at least a couple of years.  In the entire time I saw not
> a single connection from a listed IP.  My guess was that our upstream
> provider (BT, aka British Telecom) were doing their job right and took
> it out of service.

The free DROP list is only a small subset of the Spamhaus (Deteque) data. Idea is that people can play with RPZ subscribing to an external service and stop the worst of the worst. If anyone wants to test more zones, a full list can be found at <https://docs.deteque.com/dns-firewall/docs/source/zones/intro.html>. Anyone on this list wanting to test the zones for themselves, ping me off list and I can get you a signup for six months free of charge — perhaps longer if we can come up with suitable reasons why. Just don’t tell a grumpy engineer who may be on this list too.


Self-evidently, I work for Spamhaus.

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