Announcing a plan for removing the DLV code

Matthijs Mekking matthijs at
Tue Jun 25 05:39:18 UTC 2019

Dear BIND 9 users,

Last month we asked whether we should remove the DLV code, and there
were some reactions. Thanks for all your on- and off-list feedback on
this subject. Most of you were okay with them to see it go away.  Some
of you actually think it is harmful to keep DLV in action. Two suggested
that DLV may still be necessary in some enterprise scenario and one
proposed to keep the code as a plugin.

To summarize what we have heard: nobody is really using it, the majority
is (different forms of) okay with the DLV code being removed, there are
known disadvantages for keeping the code, and despite that there may be
a small use case that DLV could be abused* for, we would like to
continue our plans to obsolete DLV.

* Using the word 'abused', because DLV was introduced to assist with the
early adoption of DNSSEC, not to assist in zone provisioning inside a
private network. If that is a feature that people require we should
design a proper solution for it.

Our plan is to:
1. Write a I-D/RFC to move the DLV RFCs to Historic status.
3. Mark the dnssec-lookaside deprecated in 9.15/9.16.
4. Remove the code related to DLV in the next stable release.

Thanks, best regards,


On 5/20/19 12:34 PM, Matthijs Mekking wrote:
> Dear BIND 9 users,
> The BIND 9 development team has been discussing whether we should remove
> the DLV code from the BIND 9 source. Reasons for doing this:
> * The zone has been decommissioned some time ago.
> * It will make the code much easier to maintain, which is beneficial for
> users too since that will mean in general less bugs, easier to find
> bugs, and easier to extend it with new features.
> Before rigorously start chopping, we would like to know if there are
> still users using it, and if so for what, or if you have other reasons
> to believe this code should stay, please speak up, on the list or
> personally to me.
> Thank you,
> Matthijs
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