Cannot build on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Eddy Hahn eddyhahn at
Tue Apr 28 20:12:20 UTC 2020

OK. Before I did not give you the full picture because I did not want to be to verbose :-)

It should have been

export SERVERPLUS_DIR="/opt/serverplus”
git clone
cd bind9
autoreconf -if
LIBUV_LIBS="-L$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/libuv/lib" LIBUV_CFLAGS=" -I$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/libuv/include" CPPFLAGS=" -I$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/libuv/include" LDFLAGS='-flat_namespace -force_flat_namespace' ./configure --prefix="$SERVERPLUS_DIR" --with-openssl="$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/openssl" --disable-pthread-rwlock --with-libxml2=no --enable-full-report

After Ondrej suggestion I have removed all the LIBUV_XXX env variables and change to

PGK_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/build/tools/pkg-config" PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/libuv/lib/pkgconfig" ./configure --prefix="$SERVERPLUS_DIR" --with-openssl="$SERVERPLUS_DIR/dependencies/openssl" --disable-pthread-rwlock --with-libxml2=no --enable-full-report

I did not had to change the source code :-) and after deploying no more complaints from dylib! named is running fine!

All worked! Thank you very much for the help!

Thanks again,


> On Apr 28, 2020, at 12:22 PM, Ondřej Surý <ondrej at> wrote:
> LIBUV_LIBS="-L$/dependencies/libuv/lib“
> JFTR this part of the line is wrong as it actually doesn’t contain the library itself (just LDFLAGS).
> You should really use the pkgconfig.
> Ondrej
> --
> Ondřej Surý
> ondrej at
>> On 28 Apr 2020, at 19:36, Eddy Hahn <eddyhahn at> wrote:
>> LIBUV_LIBS="-L$/dependencies/libuv/lib"

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