srv lookup in record

Marc Roos M.Roos at
Fri Aug 21 22:26:02 UTC 2020

Is it possible to use srv lookups, like eg cname. I do not want to 
create SRV record, I just want to 'get' the ip addresses, that I would 
get vai srv lookup.

Say I have this task

[@temp3]$ dig +short server.test.marathon.mesos

[@temp3]$ dig +short srv _http-apps._server.test._tcp.marathon.mesos
0 1 31024 server.test-usbzr-s3.marathon.mesos.
0 1 31852 server.test-z9x84-s3.marathon.mesos.
0 1 31790 server.test-k7g8r-s4.marathon.mesos. 

[marc at os0 temp3]$ dig +short srv 
0 1 31791 server.test-c8g8b-s4.marathon.mesos.
0 1 31025 server.test-wtbza-s3.marathon.mesos.
0 1 31853 server.test-d0x87-s3.marathon.mesos.

I would like to only make available the ip addresses that are in the 
same range. If I would use a cname like this:

server.local.	CNAME	 server.test.marathon.mesos.

I would get 6 of which 3 ip addresses are not in the same range. So I 
need to have something like

server.local.	???	 _http-apps._server.test._tcp.marathon.mesos.

Is this possible in bind-9.8.2-0.68.rc1.el6_10.3.x86_64?

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