9.11 -> 9.16 via COPR

Michał Kępień michal at isc.org
Wed Aug 26 07:46:36 UTC 2020

Hi John,

> We're happily running the BIND 9.11 ESV on CentOS 7 by way of:
>   isc-bind-esv/x86_64	Copr repo for bind-esv owned by isc
> The roadmap I recall indicates 9.11 will move to "security only" updates at
> the end of 2020, at which time 9.16 is slated to become the ESV.


> I figure it
> is time for me to get a 9.16 instance running and see what will be involved
> in making it work for us.

Good call :)

> My questions are two:
> A) How will the upcoming change in ESV-designation appear to users of the
> COPR packages? Will there come a time when the repository/package
> "isc-bind-esv" will just deliver 9.16 rather than 9.11?

This is what we currently _plan_ to do, but I would not like to make any
particular _promises_ at this point yet.  Things should become more
definite around the end of the year.

> B) If I have a host currently using "isc-bind-esv/x86_64", and I want it
> instead to use "isc-bind/x86_64", what's the suggested process? Do I "yum
> remove", replace the "bind-esv" repository with "bind", and "yum install"?
> Is it simpler than that?

I would personally just add the "bind" repository and run "yum update",
there is no need for a "yum remove" here.  Unless your configuration
contains statements which prevent BIND 9.16 from starting up, this may
be all you need to do to perform the upgrade and it should be fairly
seamless (though prior testing is of course strongly recommended when
updating across major versions in a production environment).  The most
recent BIND release in the "bind-esv" repository should never be newer
than the most recent BIND release in the "bind" repository.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to let me know if you have any further
questions on this subject.

Best regards,
Michał Kępień

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