Steps to reload zone files automatically?

Chuck Aurora ca at
Wed Jul 1 21:21:20 UTC 2020

On 2020-07-01 00:55, Harshith Mulky wrote:
>  Is there an automatic way we could use reloading the zone files
> rather than using rndc reload or named restart?

Within named, no.  Furthermore a restart of named for changed zone
data was never a good idea.  Likewise, "rndc reload" only makes sense
when numerous zones were changed at one time; otherwise you would use
"rndc reload zone-name [view-name]".

> Any methods or links which can be shared to help us reload the zone
> files automatically once we make changes to the zone files ( cron
> methods or shell scripts)

A different paradigm which would do this better would be to use
dynamic zones (RFC 2136.)  To do this you would set an update-policy
for the zone[s] (or globally) and submit updates using nsupdate(8)
or other RFC 2136 client.

Ideally you would ONLY use dynamic updates to change zone data, but
there's also freeze and thaw functions in rndc(8) for those who want
to edit a zone file for Old Time's Sake.  (The freeze will lose your
zone updates history.)

Dynamic DNS is covered well in the BIND 9 ARM.  There are probably
also some articles at the ISC KB.

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