Steps to reload zone files automatically?

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Thu Jul 2 21:04:49 UTC 2020

Chuck Aurora <ca at> wrote:

nice domain name :-)

> On 2020-07-01 00:55, Harshith Mulky wrote:
> > Any methods or links which can be shared to help us reload the zone
> > files automatically once we make changes to the zone files ( cron
> > methods or shell scripts)
> A different paradigm which would do this better would be to use
> dynamic zones (RFC 2136.)  To do this you would set an update-policy
> for the zone[s] (or globally) and submit updates using nsupdate(8)
> or other RFC 2136 client.

Yes, this is the way I like to do things. Specifically, it's fairly easy
if you configure your zones with `update-policy local`, and you use
`nsupdate -l` to modify the zone. That way you get a fairly secure setup
with very little configuration effort.

You're all probably bored of me plugging nsdiff, but I wrote it to make
it easier to update zones this way -
(My production zones are updated by a cron job that feeds database dumps
into nspatch, and I edit my test and personal zones using nsvi, both of
which are wrappers around nsdiff and nsupdate.)

> Ideally you would ONLY use dynamic updates to change zone data, but
> there's also freeze and thaw functions in rndc(8) for those who want
> to edit a zone file for Old Time's Sake.  (The freeze will lose your
> zone updates history.)

You can preserve the history if you configure the zone with

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