[Non-DoD Source] Re: Dumb Question is an A or AAAA record required?

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On 09.07.20 13:16, DeCaro, James John (Jim) CIV DISA FE (USA) via bind-users wrote:
>Would the lack of A records affect pointer records?  Seems like it would.

pointer records are independent on A/CNAME records and irelevant in thie

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>At this stage one still needs A records to be reachable by everyone.  One should also ensure you are reachable over IPv6 as lots of the world behind IPv6 only links as their ISPs don’t have enough IPv4 addresses for every one.  Instead they have to use some form of IPv4 as a service which is significantly more expensive to operate compared to straight routers.

>> On 9 Jul 2020, at 22:22, @lbutlr <kremels at kreme.com> wrote:
>> Given a domain that is hosted and used for email and web, is an A record for that domain actually required?
>> That is, if bob.tld is hosted by example.com can you simply have
>>    NS ns1.example.com
>>    NS ns2.example.com
>>    MX mx.example.com
>> www    CNAME Caution-www.example.com
>> Without specifying
>>    A
>> (I am pretty sure this is *technically* allowed, but is it really OK to do or are there reasons not to do this?)

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