Fwd: DNS Misconfiguration on- http://cyberia.net.sa/

Ejaz Ahmed mejaz at cyberia.net.sa
Fri Jun 5 08:54:51 UTC 2020

Some one is is claiming that our name server is vulnerable
with below information is this true

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks a n advance


Dear CYBERIA GROUP Security Team ,

I Rahul a Ethical Hacker and Security Researcher. I found a vulnerability
on your website that is DNS Misconfiguration .

Your *localhost.cyberia.net.sa <http://localhost.cyberia.net.sa>   *has
address and this may lead to "Same- Site" Scripting. I can also
ping the localhost network.

Here is detailed description of this minor security issue :*

*Find attached POC  Video. *

*Dear Team Waiting for your response and I want bounty(money) with an
Appreciation letter for my work and effort which I have given for *

*Thanks in advance *
*Ejaz *
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