Interest in a webinar on any of these DNS mgmt tools?

Petr Bena petr at
Thu Jun 4 08:14:44 UTC 2020

Hello Victoria,

I'd like to also make you aware of a tool I made, although I am not sure 
if it fits into this category, because it (on purpose) doesn't directly 
edit the zone files - it performs all changes to zone files via 
nsupdate. But it adds a graphical user interface + API. That makes it 
very flexible and non-invasive, you can add it to existing BIND setup, 
with no need to change anything. It's very simple in design (basically 
just a PHP wrapper around dig and nsupdate), but we use it for 
management of very old and very large DNS infrastructure and people in 
our corporation are quite happy with it. The main benefit of this tool 
is really that you can integrate it with pretty much any BIND9 setup 
that supports dynamic updates.

+ It seems to work (at least in read-only mode) for non-BIND DNS servers 
as well, we have some Microsoft DNS zones as well.

On 03/06/2020 20:15, Victoria Risk wrote:
> There are a number of open source tools for managing BIND zonefiles. 
> The three below (at least) seem currently maintained and popular.  Is 
> there interest in a presentation on any of these? If there seems to be 
> interest, I would be willing to try to recruit someone who is either a 
> member of the core team developing the tool, or perhaps an 
> operator/user of the tool (if those are different) to give a webinar.
> VinylDNS - created and used by Comcast. 
> OctoDNS - maintained by Github. Manages zonefiles across multiple DNS 
> providers. (
> DNS Control - maintained by Stack Exchange. Manages zonefiles across 
> multiple DNS providers (
> Reply on this Doodle poll - 
> or email me directly if you have other suggestions/requests.
> Thanks,
> Vicky
> Victoria Risk
> Product Manager
> Internet Systems Consortium
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