Interest in a webinar on any of these DNS mgmt tools?

Victoria Risk vicky at
Wed Jun 3 18:15:47 UTC 2020

There are a number of open source tools for managing BIND zonefiles. The three below (at least) seem currently maintained and popular.  Is there interest in a presentation on any of these? If there seems to be interest, I would be willing to try to recruit someone who is either a member of the core team developing the tool, or perhaps an operator/user of the tool (if those are different) to give a webinar.

VinylDNS - created and used by Comcast.

OctoDNS - maintained by Github. Manages zonefiles across multiple DNS providers. (

DNS Control - maintained by Stack Exchange. Manages zonefiles across multiple DNS providers (

Reply on this Doodle poll - or email me directly if you have other suggestions/requests.



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