DoH plugin for BIND

Brett Delmage Brett at
Sat May 2 16:25:34 UTC 2020

On Sat, 2 May 2020, Michael De Roover wrote:

> Even if your ISP allows it, chances are that other mail servers will 
> reject it

Nope, not always.

My residential-class static IP mail server has never had problems 
delivering mail. I've checked it many times over the years on many 
blacklist checkers and never had anything but green lights.

Of course I have met all the email best practices for years: SPF, DKIM, 
reverse pointer, etc.

Even though email is not secure, I still feel better knowing that emails 
end up in MY server via opportunistic TLS transport. and not in some 
Yahoo's or surveillance capitalist's data store.

Underlying all this are my own DNSSEC-enabled BIND servers, of course.

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