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Sat May 2 16:32:42 UTC 2020

Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. Until now I subscribed to the whole 
business-only IP idea the whole time. I never thought that ISP's or 
other mail servers would allow this (though granted, mine doesn't 
discriminate either). Meanwhile Microsoft still blocks one of my sender 
IP's ( which was the last one to enter the set of edge 
servers). Maybe phasing out my edge servers wouldn't be a bad idea then, 
at least in the long run. My ISP doesn't change the IP address for my 
residential connection as long as I don't reboot my router anyway. 
Assuming that I check whether my ISP allows 25 in- and outbound first, 
that could work.

On 5/2/20 6:25 PM, Brett Delmage wrote:
> On Sat, 2 May 2020, Michael De Roover wrote:
>> Even if your ISP allows it, chances are that other mail servers will 
>> reject it
> Nope, not always.
> My residential-class static IP mail server has never had problems 
> delivering mail. I've checked it many times over the years on many 
> blacklist checkers and never had anything but green lights.
> Of course I have met all the email best practices for years: SPF, 
> DKIM, reverse pointer, etc.
> Even though email is not secure, I still feel better knowing that 
> emails end up in MY server via opportunistic TLS transport. and not in 
> some Yahoo's or surveillance capitalist's data store.
> Underlying all this are my own DNSSEC-enabled BIND servers, of course.
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