named memory leak

yangxingwu xingwu.yang at
Wed Oct 14 09:16:36 UTC 2020


I'm running a number of named server for several months, but the
number memory of named seems to growth continuously

named version

Name        : bind-chroot
Arch          : x86_64
Epoch       : 32
Version     : 9.11.4
Release    : 16.P2.el7_8.3
Size          : 4.7 k
Repo        : installed
>From repo    : updates
Summary     : A chroot runtime environment for the ISC BIND DNS server, named(8)
URL             :
License        : MPLv2.0
Description   : This package contains a tree of files which can be used as a
            : chroot(2) jail for the named(8) program from the BIND package.
            : Based on the code from Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak <kas at>

Has anyone got some ideas? or is there some known bug/issue for this version?

thanks you all

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