How can I launch a private Internet DNS server?

Jason Long hack3rcon at
Thu Oct 15 16:36:58 UTC 2020

Hello,I have a question about launching a DNS server with CentOS for hosting a web server. Excuse me, if my question is so basic and funny. I need expert advice about it.I registered a domain name for my web site and in the panel of it, I can enter my DNS server IP addresses. I want to launch a CentOS DNS server that my Web site using it and users can visit my website from the Internet. These two servers (DNS and Web server) are in a local network and connected to the Internet with a Gateway. Each server has an internal and a public IP address.I want to enter my DNS server IP address in my website panel and after it, users can visit my website from the Internet. I'm thankful if anyone show me a tutorial to launch my DNS server for this goal.All tutorials that I found on the internet are about internal DNS servers, but I want to launch a DNS server for hosting my website.Is Internet DNS server just possible for providers?
Thank you.

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