socket errors in bind 9.16

Janpieter Sollie janpieter.sollie at
Tue Sep 29 08:21:17 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,
I am trying to move the old embedded 9.11 of my router's firmware to 9.16, but there are some
issues while migrating:
Anyone who knows what this could be? an strace can be found here: <-- tail of bind output <-- filtered by process id (5260) which causes the error

the configure options are as follows:

$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-shared
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --enable-static
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --enable-atomic=no
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --enable-epoll=no
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --with-randomdev="/dev/random"
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --with-libtool
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-python
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-gssapi
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --with-lmdb=no
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-isc-spnego
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-pkcs11
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-idnlib
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-purify
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-libjson
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-libxml2
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --without-zlib
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-threads
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-backtrace
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --disable-symtable
$(PKG)_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS += --enable-ipv6

Toolchain + Compile options:
-libc: uclibc 1.0.14
-gcc: 5.5.0 + binutils 2.32
-host arch:x86_64
-target arch: mips24kc, kernel version: 3.10.107

Anyone who has an idea of what may be going on here?

Thank you

Kind regards,

Janpieter Sollie

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