Add DNS records automatically for static IP's

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I've been using nsupdate for that.

I restricted my dynamic address pool, at the bottom end for infrastructure and at the top end for static IP's and then I use nsupdate to add the entries.
There are other methods, which I learned mostly from this list and can attach a copy of my site wiki article if you'd like to see it.


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Dear all, I know DDNS works with a DHCP server and dynamic IP's. When
IP changes, the hostname in DNS is updated.

But I have this scenario:

I have several hosts with static IP's / hostnames and I want to
register them to our private BIND DNS, and they should be updated if
the IP or hostname changes.

Is there any way to do what I need ? Any Linux/Windows client to
install in the servers in order to register IP and hostname to aour
provate BIND ???

Special thanks!
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