Does BIND supports ANAME RR

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Mon Aug 9 12:55:17 UTC 2021

>> On 09.08.21 13:55, Klaus Darilion via bind-users wrote:
>> >But honestly SVCB will not solve the ANAME problem.  I will take years
>> > until all resolvers/client would support SVCB whereas ANAME would be
>> > implemented in the authoritative name server
>> resolving on authoritative server could in fact help, and wouldn't need
>> protocol
>> change at all, but the problem above is crucial (what would you do in case
>> of failure? refuse whole zone?)

On 09.08.21 14:37, Klaus Darilion via bind-users wrote:
>Resolving is done when there is an incoming query, not on zone loading.  So
> if the auth's resolver (either a full blown resolver or a stub resolver
> which forwards to another resolver) fails to resolve I would just forward
> this error to the client's resolver.

This would not change the fact that you are asking authoritative server to
resolve record which is by definition not the job of authoritative server.

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