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There's a very good article on the ISC website which discusses BIND logging:

I recommend reading and implementing the logging as per their suggestion (backup or make a note of your current logging configuration options in case you want to revert in future) and then start looking through those logs the next time your on-prem slave stops resolving.

Once you spot any errors in the look you can post them here on the list and others will try and help explain what may be happening.


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I am running bind 9.16.19 on two FreeBSD 13-STABLE instances.  The master is on a Digital Ocean droplet and works fine.  The slave is hosted on physical machine here in our offices.

This has always worked flawlessly until recently.   Periodically, the slave
refuses to resolve names like '' and we have to restart bind on the slave to get it working correctly again.

Rather than using cron to restart bind every hour (!), we'd like to get to the root of the problem.  The slave machine is at the end of a Comcast Business pipe and their execrable security edge garbage may be implicated.

We could use some help on an approach to debugging this.  Having never had significant bind problems over 20 years of use, we literally have no named debugging experience...

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