KSK signing zone records

Timothy A. Holtzen tah at NebrWesleyan.edu
Mon Aug 30 16:08:42 UTC 2021

I've had an issue with my key rotation process on a couple of zones.  I
believe I've resolved that issue but it appears to me in several cases
the KSKs rather than being used to sign the ZSK are being used to sign
the zone records directly.


I've checked the Publication/Activation dates on the KSKs and they seem
to be right.  The appropriate DS records should be available at the
parent zone.  The keys in question are clearly type 257 KSKs.  Is there
some kind of flag or something I need to add to the key to make it sign
the ZSKs rather than the records directly?

I'm running bind 9.16.16. 


Timothy A. Holtzen
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Nebraska Wesleyan University
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