KSK signing zone records

Chris Buxton clists at buxtonfamily.us
Mon Aug 30 17:13:05 UTC 2021

What algorithm(s) are you using for ZSK and KSK? If they’re not the same algorithm, then both will be used to sign the entire zone.

Chris Buxton

> On Aug 30, 2021, at 9:08 AM, Timothy A. Holtzen via bind-users <bind-users at lists.isc.org> wrote:
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> I've had an issue with my key rotation process on a couple of zones.  I
> believe I've resolved that issue but it appears to me in several cases
> the KSKs rather than being used to sign the ZSK are being used to sign
> the zone records directly.
> https://dnsviz.net/d/testmenwu.com/dnssec/?rr=2&a=all&ds=all&ta=.&tk=
> I've checked the Publication/Activation dates on the KSKs and they seem
> to be right.  The appropriate DS records should be available at the
> parent zone.  The keys in question are clearly type 257 KSKs.  Is there
> some kind of flag or something I need to add to the key to make it sign
> the ZSKs rather than the records directly?
> I'm running bind 9.16.16.
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