Trying again on SERVFAIL

Alessandro Vesely vesely at
Thu Feb 11 12:26:19 UTC 2021

On Wed 10/Feb/2021 22:38:05 +0100 J Doe wrote:
> Out of curiosity, what servers have you encountered that no longer use the five 
> day cutoff ?

I didn't take note, but I read discussions on the topic.  Users expect mail to be delivered almost instantly.  The "warning, still trying" messages should come sometime in between.  If it comes the next day, by various people's experience, it is unacceptably too late.  If you reduce that to a few hours, the total max queue lifetime cannot remain five days.

At mine, although I keep the default 5d, I cut queue time for specific messages, such as complaints or dmarc reports, to ten hours.

Quoting from the web:

     Queue lifetimes over a day is just Cargo Cult system administration, and a
     holdover from when the internet was much less "always on".


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