Choosing A records based on hosts' load?

Marek Kozlowski m.kozlowski at
Mon Jan 18 08:49:19 UTC 2021


I believe that such a solution (read to install) should exist. 
Unfortunately I don't know the magic keywords to find it:

I have a group of hosts with different IPs offering the same services. 
I'm able to install some agents on them for monitoring their 
network/cpu/number of users/whatever utilization. I'm wondering if there 
is an option for BIND9 to obtain those load parameters on a regular 
basis (let's say: every 10 minutes) and when queried for the A record 
return ONLY one IP address - the one of the server with the lowest 

It can be implemented on those servers but in the solution I'm asking 
about the key point is that the BIND server takes the decision.

Thanks in advance,
best regards,

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