Choosing A records based on hosts' load?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Mon Jan 18 08:59:14 UTC 2021

Am 18.01.21 um 09:49 schrieb Marek Kozlowski:
> :-)
> I believe that such a solution (read to install) should exist. 
> Unfortunately I don't know the magic keywords to find it:
> I have a group of hosts with different IPs offering the same services. 
> I'm able to install some agents on them for monitoring their 
> network/cpu/number of users/whatever utilization. I'm wondering if there 
> is an option for BIND9 to obtain those load parameters on a regular 
> basis (let's say: every 10 minutes) and when queried for the A record 
> return ONLY one IP address - the one of the server with the lowest 
> utilization?
> It can be implemented on those servers but in the solution I'm asking 
> about the key point is that the BIND server takes the decision.

this can't work - only a minority of clients is asking your nameserver 
directly, most talk to caches

you try to solve the problem on the wrong side
you need a loadbalancer in front of the cluster

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