Deprecating BIND 9.18+ on Windows (or making it community improved and supported

Ondřej Surý ondrej at
Thu Jun 3 20:45:54 UTC 2021

I am sorry, but I don’t follow. The catch is that the Windows support must be maintained for any new development and it doesn’t come for free. Sometimes we can’t even use what we need because there’s no support on Windows.

As an example - we are replacing the internal memory allocator with jemalloc for better thread performance and less memory fragmentation and just adding the library on Windows would be major PITA.

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> On 3. 6. 2021, at 22:14, Peter via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
> Maybe they could release a bind for windows ever year with limited support? But I guess bind will still work long after its not supported which is the only good thing.
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