Deprecating BIND 9.18+ on Windows (or making it community improved and supported

Peter legacyone at
Thu Jun 3 23:05:35 UTC 2021

Guess not even a subscription will not happen too.

I'm having to try and do Bind on ubuntu and it just will not let me edit 
files like named.conf unless you do some vodoo that I don't understand 
and even updating the bind like how? Windows no problem you want to edit 
a file no problem can't edit a file/folder because of permissions your a 
admin you can do that too. Bind is easy on windows.

On another note when you stop the bind service you get “windows could 
not stop ISC BIND service on local computer. Error 1067 the process 
terminated unexpectedly.” wonder if that be the last fix for 9.17.14.....

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