No more support for windows

Richard T.A. Neal richard at
Wed Jun 9 22:46:52 UTC 2021

Evan Hunt wrote:

>> My understanding is BIND will still run fine under WSL; it's only the native Visual Studio builds that we're removing. 
>> For people who want to run named on windows, WSL seems like the best way to go.

Sadly no. To quote myself from an earlier email on this topic:

There are two versions of WSL: WSL1 and WSL2. Development has all but ceased on WSL1, but WSL1 is the only version that can be installed on Windows Server 2019.

Microsoft have not yet confirmed whether WSL2 will be available for Windows Server vNext (Windows Server 2022, or whatever they name it).

Even if WSL2 is made available for Windows Server 2022 it has some serious networking limitations: it uses NAT from the host, so your Linux instance gets a private 172.x.y.z style IP address, and that IP address is different every reboot. Proxy port forwarding must therefore be reconfigured on every reboot as well.

Personally I'm comfortable with the decision that's been made and I understand the logic. Saddened, like saying goodbye to an old friend, but comfortable.


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