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Tue Jun 15 13:56:41 UTC 2021

Thank you for your help!!  <scroll>

On 2021-06-15 00:39, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>>> On 11.06.21 18:19, Sten Carlsen wrote:
>>>> From my place I resolve both to:
>>>> does not actually have the two nameservers 
>>>> required though that is not the problem. (ns1 and ns2 have same IP)
>>>> BIND seems to work ok but your local settings probably don't point 
>>>> your hosts to the right NS.
> On 14.06.21 14:26, techlists at wrote:
>> I do have the same IP in both "glue" records.  GoDaddy calls them host 
>> records.
> those might be different records, haven't checked godaddy's dictionary.
>> Server was probably off.  Thank you for your help!!
> it's apparently down again.

Since this is a test server I turn it and my internet connection off 
over night.  I'll leave it on for now.

> some registrars provide you with their own nameservers that don't go 
> down,
> why don't you use those?

I understand.  That would be easier.  I am trying to learn BIND and 
after that I am going to learn Postfix and Dovecot mail.

I am doing this for learning.


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