Best DNSSEC documentation for current version?

John W. Blue at
Mon Jun 21 21:13:40 UTC 2021

Hello Brett,

Have you seen the webinar videos on ISC's youtube channel?

I would encourage you to attend them as they are presented.  One even had a VM's for the attendees to practice the information presented and ask questions.

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Subject: Best DNSSEC documentation for current version?

I am looking to read the best documentation on DNSSEC
configuration for the current versions on BIND.

Is this comprehensive and up to date?

This doc does not refer to any version - Am I missing that? It seems that
this is an important detail to know when attempting to apply such a

Is there anything else I have missed that isn't misleading, especially
with regard to key management, on the ISC site or elsewhere? Right now I
am feeling there are gaps in my knowledge and/or comprehension. I don ;t
want to get further confused.

Thanks for your tips!


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