Dynamic zone update problems, continued

Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Fri Mar 5 19:39:54 UTC 2021

On 3/5/21 12:07 PM, Bruce Johnson wrote:
> Fixing the permissions and restarting named got dynamic updating 
> working again, but new systems (ie names that are NOT already in 
> the Zone file ) are throwing errors about the journal file: error: 
> journal open failed: unexpected error

It seems like you still have a permissions error.

Can the user that named is running as create new files in the directory 
where the zone is stored?

> Is there a specific command to create the .jnl file? I thought named 
> created it automatically as needed. (at least the named-journalprint 
> man page indicates this…)

I don't remember ever needing to manually create a journal (.jnl) file. 
I think that named always did it.

Named will create, modify, and remove the journal file as needed.  rndc 
freeze will sync the in memory zone contents to the journal file.  rndc 
sync will sync the journal file to the main zone file.  The -clean 
option to rndc sync will remove the journal file.  --  Don't forget to 
rndc thaw a frozen zone to start allowing dynamic updates again.

Beyond that, I've not needed to worry about the journal file or it's 

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