sub-zone on the same server but in different backend - how?

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Mon Mar 15 20:43:04 UTC 2021

lejeczek via bind-users <bind-users at> wrote:
> Have a zone on a server, say:
> -
> with "flat" files being the backend for it. Now wanting to have:
> -
> served by the same BIND server, but stored in.. "SQL" backend.
> How... well how to make that work if at all possible?
> I'd hope it can be done with some "trickery" in config/zone files if it is not
> 'easy-peasy'

It's easy if you think about it the right way :-)

That is, there are two separate things that you need to do to set up a

  * In the DNS, in the contents of the parent and child zones, you need to
    set up the proper NS records at the delegation point in the parent
    zone, and at the apex of the child zone. (Plus whatever other records
    your delegation might need, such as nameserver A/AAAA records and

  * On the servers, configure your DNS software to host the zone.

This is true regardless of how your zones are stored or how your DNS
software is configured.

So for example, if I have a parent zone (e.g. with an
experimental delegation (e.g. and the child zone is only
hosted on the primary server, I just put that server in the NS records,
e.g.	NS

in both parent and child zones.

That's the first point dealt with.

Regarding the second point, in my example the two zones have very similar
zone{} configurations: they both use "raw" files on disk. But they could
use different storage back-ends if I wanted. For that I would need a dlz{}
or dyndb{} clause to configure the backend. I haven't tried either of them
myself, so I haven't talked about how you actually get the data into a
SQL backend - this is as far as I can help :-)

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