replication time for dynamic records from primary to secondary servers

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Sorry, crisis (not named related)

I will post sections of the named.conf later if needed, but will answer the simple questions now.

I don't know what the propagation delay is, notifications are enabled, when the primary reloads a zone the secondary gets notified and requests a zone xfer.
When the secondary expires a zone a zone xfer request is sent to the primary.

I suspect that is happening is that when DHCPd creates/expires dynamic records in the primary we are not notifying the secondary of the change and there is no Ixfer.
That it what I was looking for and don't know where to find it, but looks to me like the button I want to press.
Is that where I should be looking?


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On 3/30/2021 12:30 PM, Cuttler, Brian R (HEALTH) via bind-users wrote:
> We are seeing a delay in the primary DNS server updating the secondary and would like to shorten that interval.

Can you post the pertinent bits of your primary's and secondary's config
for the zone?

In the absence of that, I pose a few questions:

How long is it taking now?
What is your target interval?

Do you have NOTIFY enabled on the primary?
How large is the zone?
If you look in the log, do you see XFRs queuing?
How many secondaries are there?
Do you have limits defined on the number of simultaneous transfers?

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