Bind refusing my DKIM key

Mark Andrews marka at
Fri May 7 04:40:30 UTC 2021

Split the record at 255 characters.  TXT field need to be <= 255 characters.
Complain to the developers of the tool that created this record that it is
INVALID as the field length is TOO BIG. 

> On 7 May 2021, at 14:35, Dan Egli <dan at> wrote:
> I don't know what's up, but when I tried to put my DKIM into the test server, named-checkzone keeps giving a syntax error on the key line. Here's what I'm putting in (it really is on one line in the zone file, just too long for my MUA to put on one line):
> key1._domainkey        IN    TXT    "v=DKIM1;p=QUFBQUIzTnphQzF5YzJFQUFBQURBUUFCQUFBQWdRQ3B0Uy9SMzRJQm5yZEhGZFYzNE4zMmdWUjQyelFDUnpXdkJMWDloNkUwOUlRNnBsV0p3S09aL0hHQ3ZjSHlaNytKZVk4MWlCR1p4NWhLN1pvQkZaYTMxcjlmMDRZU2NkeVZmVUQrb004UjJCQzBGNVdQY3ptMGl1TVJQemFqY29tSU5LSHltWEplRHU0K05oTnlhWEJoRi9oS0hrUlNJeFNDU3JqbWxlZWRsdz09IA=="
> But when I run checkzone:
> dns_rdata_fromtext: syntax error
> zone loading from master file failed: syntax error
> What's wrong? Why is it failing?
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> Dan Egli
> From my Test Server
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