Found the bug (was: ERROR: Failed to create fetch for DNSKEY update)

Peter pmc at
Fri Nov 19 10:52:06 UTC 2021


  I finally found the cause of the error! As soon as I stop slaving
the root-zones and instead use the (configured or compiled-in)
hint-file, the error stops.

The actual error-condition (zone is not loaded) then becomes
obvious, because this RFC-5011 action happens very early, before
any zones are loaded. And with slaved root-zones instead of a
hint-file, the root zone has to be loaded like the others.

So the flaw is in the initialization sequence.

I don't really see why we would need to do this RFC-5011 so early.
As matters are, it now is failed, postponed, and run an hour later
successfully, and things should work just as well.

So You may now fix the issue, or just continue to spamblock the
bugreports (which is a great scheme to get error-free software, btw).


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