Found the bug (was: ERROR: Failed to create fetch for DNSKEY update)

Sten Carlsen stenc at
Sun Nov 21 17:51:13 UTC 2021

As far as I am aware - and what I have always done - the normal thing to do is to use a hints file. Lately the hints are built-in, so nothing is really needed.

One question that comes to mind:
What happens if the slaved root zones are not up to date /not correct? might that be the cause?

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Sten Carlsen

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> On 19 Nov 2021, at 11.52, Peter <pmc at> wrote:
> Hija,
>  I finally found the cause of the error! As soon as I stop slaving
> the root-zones and instead use the (configured or compiled-in)
> hint-file, the error stops.
> The actual error-condition (zone is not loaded) then becomes
> obvious, because this RFC-5011 action happens very early, before
> any zones are loaded. And with slaved root-zones instead of a
> hint-file, the root zone has to be loaded like the others.
> So the flaw is in the initialization sequence.
> I don't really see why we would need to do this RFC-5011 so early.
> As matters are, it now is failed, postponed, and run an hour later
> successfully, and things should work just as well.
> So You may now fix the issue, or just continue to spamblock the
> bugreports (which is a great scheme to get error-free software, btw).
> cheerio,
> PMc
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