Fwd: Issues with Bind 9.16.23 on Windows

Saiera Music erinhasani83 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 22:10:55 UTC 2021


We are running Bind on a Windows Server as a Forward only server. We have
our Windows DNS Servers which use these forwarders for Non-Authoritative

We keep getting the service stopped with an error in the event viewer based
on the query load. On a light day we get no issues but on a regular work
day we get the named service stopped very frequently with a failure below.
Anyone else run into this issue?

29-Nov-2021 12:05:26.107 general: critical:
c:\builds\isc-private\bind9\lib\isc\quota.c:114: INSIST((quota->cbs).head
!= (cb)) failed, back trace
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