A good name for development branch releases package

Petr Menšík pemensik at redhat.com
Tue Nov 30 15:09:46 UTC 2021

Hello BIND users,

I would like to add a new package of recent BIND9 development release to
Fedora [1] distribution. Current "bind" package contains build of stable
branch 9.16.x release. I think it would be good to keep stable releases
available in Fedora. We still use just bind without 9 suffix.
Theoretically another "bind9" could contain more recent releases. But I
would like to reserve it for current bind package.

One alternative would be using major version in package name. But I
think one the latest stable release one the latest development releases
would be always enough. bind package should be updated when 9.18.0 is
released. I think development package should follow and upgrade to
9.19.0 as soon as possible. I would prefer single development package
rolling with major development releases.

COPR repository of ISC uses "bind9-dev" name. Would you recommend that
name? I kind of like it. Slight disadvantage of this name is similarity
with development headers subpackage, which uses common suffix "-devel"
on Fedora. Development headers are still needed by bind-dyndb-ldap
plugin. It uses bind-devel package now, similar alternative of
development release would be "bind9-dev-devel". It does look like strange.

Would you help me with a better proposal? What do you think about it? I
don't expect development releases to ever reach Red Hat Enterprise Linux
directly, but it might be build as Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux
with community support.

I don't want to support installation of both stable and development
packages on single system. It would conflict and only one would have to
be choosen.

Is there any distribution offering already two releases at the same
time? Would you have some idea, how should it be called? Do you like
"bind9-dev" base name?


1. https://getfedora.org

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