Is this correct behaviour?

Anand S Medikeri anandsm at
Thu Aug 5 12:12:47 UTC 1999

 I am using bind 8.1.2. I have an entry in named.conf for zone
 1.2.IN-ADDR.ARPA as below

zone "1.2.IN-ADDR.ARPA" {
        type master;
        file "db.1.2";

 Contents of db.1.2 are as below

;db.1.2      *******************************************
 @       IN      SOA     a.b.c.d. root.a.b.c.d. (
                                        1       ; Serial
                                        10800   ; Refresh every 3 hours
                                        3600    ; Retry every hour
                                        604800  ; Expire after a week
                                        86400 ) ; Minimum ttl of 1 day
        IN      NS      a.b.c.d.
 3.4    IN      PTR	hello.b.c.d. IN   PTR     world.b.c.d.
;db.1.2 ends *******************************************

 All RR's  seems to be loaded by the  server.  when I query  the  server
 with type set to PTR and question to  I get
 the RR in reply.  Should I get that reply ?


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