Ultrix support for bind 8.2.1

Paul A Vixie vixie at mibh.net
Wed Aug 4 22:36:21 UTC 1999

> In case it wasn't obvious, I do have a compiled and somewhat limited
> tested bind821 named running under Ultrix.

several others have also done this.

> What I meant to ask is "is it worth folding these changes back into the
> distribution, and what's the best way of including the ugly namespace
> hacks?".  For the namespace hacks, they are only needed for named and
> it would seem to a Bad Thing to have a chuck of code "#ifdef ULTRIX"
> somewhere in src/bin/named/*.c ...

yes, it would, which is part of what i guess i mean by "really hard" :-).

> Also, is there a test suite available that can be used in an intranet
> environment?

i'd be ashamed to share any of my personal testing tools.

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